To Test or Not to Test…


New COVID Test Underwhelming?

I don’t know if you heard them, but there are in fact, rumors that life will go on after COVID. I admit that some days it’s hard to imagine what it will be like to return to the old normal…

But until Covid’s in the rearview, our nation’s hope rests upon effective treatments and a vaccine. Until then, our nation’s best bet may be on better testing.

This week CNN announced that a new FDA-approved test for COVID could be a game-changer. My personal opinion is that the new test is a step in the right direction but it falls far short of being able to transform our lives.

Here’s some info about this new antigen test and a few reasons why we shouldn’t get too excited:

  • it takes only 15 minutes, but it’s not accurate as the longer PCR test
  • you have to go to the pharmacist or the doctor to obtain it
  • according to Abbott, it’s 97% accurate, but only if you have had symptoms for 1 to 7 days
  • the wholesale cost of the test is around $5, and you may still have to pay the pharmacist or doctor to run the test

FDA, Are You Listening?

Are you ready for some actual great news? I know you are…

There is already COVID-testing technology that has the following characteristics:

  • you can take it at home – no doctor or pharmacist is needed – no reason to rock your mask
  • it will tell you whether or not you are infected… and infective, that is whether or not you can transmit the disease to others
  • it’s accurate, whether or not you have symptoms
  • it will cost about $1.50 for each test
  • it takes about 15 minutes

Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet approved it. I’ll tell you why in an upcoming email, but if you just have to know now, go to YouTube and search for ” Coronavirus Pandemic Update 98″ and join the fun at 3:07.