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Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a specialized therapeutic program designed to help a patient recover after an injury. The purpose of rehabilitation is to help the patient regain normal function in the affected part of the body. Rehabilitation may also improve any pain and stiffness associated with the injury, and it may improve the stability of the area so that future injuries are less likely.

When is rehabilitation appropriate?

Rehabilitation may be appropriate for any patient who has been injured, whether the patient was injured in a car accident or a fall. Some patients who have undergone surgery may also benefit from rehabilitation. Patients with serious injuries or a history of surgery should talk to their doctors before beginning rehabilitation at Better Body Solutions.

Is rehabilitation painful?

Restoring normal function to a damaged part of the body requires effort on the part of the patient. As a result, the patient may experience some discomfort during therapy. However, rehabilitation shouldn't cause significant pain. The process is designed to help the patient recover slowly so that they won’t suffer severe pain or risk additional injuries.

Rehabilitation can be risky if the patient chooses a doctor who isn’t well trained or experienced. However, the physicians at Better Body Solutions have a solid reputation for providing high-quality rehabilitation services that are both safe and effective for patients.

Is full recovery possible?

Every patient is different. Many patients are able to achieve a full recovery after an accident or surgical procedure. Other patients may recover some but not all of their original abilities. The results of rehabilitation are heavily dependent on the patient’s condition, the extent of the injury, and the amount of physical and mental effort the patient invests into their therapy. We can help individual patients understand the results they can expect during and after rehabilitation.