COVID Times: I Miss My Family & Friends

I miss my friends and family and bet you miss yours.

It’s been about eight months since I’ve seen my nieces and nephews and ten months since I’ve seen my mother. I’m reluctant to see the former because despite their denials, they, like many of there peers, have been quite social. The evidence is all over social media – should I believe my ears or my lying eyes?  And of course, I’m squeamish about seeing my mom because she’s 82, and although I don’t leave the house much and wear a mask when I do, I couldn’t bear to cause her harm. I’ve avoided matricide for this long, why blow it now?

All joking aside ( I love you Mom!!) , and this is important, if you feel similarly about your friends and family, please do everyone you care about an invaluable favor and read and Tweet this article:

Here’s the skinny:

– Fast COVID tests that can quickly transform our lives, already exist

– The tests cost as little as a dollar and it takes as little as a minute to get your results

– These salivary antigen tests will tell you if you are infective – that is, contagious to others

– the FDA hasn’t  approved them yet 

Imagine going to work/school/restaurant or a plane-trip and knowing everyone there is safe to be around? What would that mean to your life? Please read and Tweet and get ready to hug those you love!