How’s The Vaccine Rollout Going In NY State?

I don’t know about you, but I continue to be disappointed with our state’s administrative response to Covid-19 and now with the vaccine distribution.

New York Covid cases are skyrocketing. Covid deaths are way up. It would be great to get those vaccines into people’s arms ASAP. So you want to know how the vaccine rollout is going? The short answer is, ” It could be worse.” A very New York answer, indeed.

This reminds me of a sad but true story. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with incurable cancer. A dedicated lifelong bachelor, he decided to marry his girlfriend so she could benefit from his estate. My buddy has a great sense of humor, and he joked, ” This is like the guy who goes to the doctor, and the Doc says, ” I’ve got good news and bad news.” The guy says, ” What’s the bad news?” The Doc says, ” You’ve got to get married.” The guy says, ” Oh my god…What’s the good news?” The doctor replies, ” You’re going to die soon.”

He teaches us, you have to laugh, so you don’t cry.

The “good news” with NYS’ vaccine distribution is that we have a county-wide distribution apparatus already set up. The staff has received years of training in preparation for a pandemic. Luckily for us, they’ve even had extra time to plan and prepare for the mass vaccinations needed to control Covid. Their projections were for a quick rollout.

The bad news? They never got the chance. Governor Cuomo decided to take over himself, and he chose not to utilize the aforementioned system that was already in place and trained for this exact moment. According to The Week, ” Long before the coronavirus pandemic began, New York state had a carefully-crafted mass vaccination plan, developed in part with federal grants, which was centered around county public health departments and had been practiced regularly for years. But since the coronavirus vaccine has FDA approval, Cuomo has seized control of the process without explanation, ignored the plan, and is running distribution through hospitals.”

Had the hospital staff received training in how to provide mass vaccinations?

Did the hospitals regularly practice delivering mass vaccinations?

Did the hospitals have a vaccine plan in place to meet our Covid emergency?

It doesn’t seem so.

But, hey, it could be worse, and in some states, it is. New York ranks about in the middle of the pack – just a little behind Florida in the number of people vaccinated per one hundred thousand. ’nuff said.

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